What is the process for ordering and returning the device?

  • On-line ordering

    Order and pay here on our web at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Your arrival to Prague

    Be calm. We monitor your flight online so we can adjust delivery to your delay.

  • Delivery

    Our delivery boy will wait you at the exit of airport security area.

  • Unlimited internet in Europe Union

    Enjoy unlimited internet during your stay anywhere in Europe Union.

  • Returning the device

    Before you leave Europe, put the device to the prepaid envelope which you have received at delivery (for free) and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Europe.

  • Done!

    Yes, that’s easy. We wish you a safe journey home.

How does it work?

Warning: Switzerland and Montenegro are not part of the EU and our devices in these countries are not working!

Pocket WiFi can be used in all countries of the EU

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Delivery of the Pocket WiFi is possible only in Prague (Czechia)

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Return easy with prepaid envelope from anywhere in Europe.

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Internet speed is normaly around 25-80 MBit/s, maximum is 250 Mbit/s

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No data limit, no FUP on our Pocket WiFi device!

Battery life of our Pocket WiFi device is normaly around 6-8 hours

What are the prices?

5 USD per day!

What’s included?

modern LTE / 4G wifi hotspot
unlimited data plan (no data limit)
prepaid return envelope (you can return the device from anywhere in the EU)

Delivery options

Delivery to airport Prague

$45 per delivery

Our delivery boy will wait you at the airport
We will wait until you come
We check the time of arrival online, if there is a delay, we will arrive at the right time.

Delivery to any hotel in Prague

$15 per delivery

Even before your arrival, a package will be waiting for you at the hotel.
Delivery to Airbnb apartments without a 24/7 front desk is not possible. Contact us before ordering.
We deliver WiFi devices at 7am in the morning.

Pick-up 24/7 at our office


You can pick up the device 24/7
Right in the downtown of Prague
Close to the National Theater and Charles Bridge.

Try our DATA SIM CARD for Europe Union

Prepaid data SIM card for EU. 30 days, 4 GB amount of data.

Be on-line right after your arrival to EU

Delivery to your home worldwide via priority mail, comfortable before your trip.

And how does it look like in practice?

The device fits perfectly into a purse or a bag and can be carried around all day without being noticed. It has a large battery that allows for an entire days’ use (about 8-16 hours of standard internet use), which is very important – you don’t want to run around looking for a power socket in the middle of the day to recharge.

It can create a powerful hotspot for up to 10 devices at the same time. The LTE+/4G speeds are the fastest available network in the Europe – You will reach speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s.

We DO NOT apply FUP policy. Do not limit yourself and download everything you want, watch 4K videos, play games, upload photos.

How to connect to our device:

  • On your phone or laptop you will find a WiFi network named “Mobile WiFi Prague
  • Enter the password that you receive on delivery
  • You are online 🙂

Thanks to its dimensions, our mobile pocket wifi hotspot can be worn all day in your pocket. Is smaller than most of the current mobile phones 🙂

Who we are?

We are a small young company founded in 2016 that specializes in mobile rental in the Czech Republic.

TravelerF s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, CZ110 00 Prague 1
VAT ID: 04583043

Can we help you with something? Just write us to an online chat (here on our web) or send us an email to [email protected]